Sufjan At The Nursing Home

A few days ago I told you about hearing “Chicago” at Friendly’s and being lost in a moment.   Today I was visiting a nursing home and the same thing happened.  A nursing home.  Bizarre.  I was gone for a minute.

My grandfather passed away last year.  He lived for a few years before that in a nursing home.  I found out before my visit to the home today that my dad, my sister, and I all dreamt about him (my grandfather) last night.



  1. sciontist · January 19, 2009

    Ok Chris, I didn’t comment the first time, but this is just weird. I really like Sufjan’s Christmas stuff, but I can’t say that I’ve ever had a dream about him. And your whole family did. Weird. Good weird. But weird.


  2. Christopher Cocca · January 19, 2009

    oops…I meant that the dreams were about my grandfather. I added a parenthetical to the post.


  3. sciontist · January 19, 2009

    Ah, my bad. Thanks for the clarification. Sounds like some recent events have hit close to home. And that God may be mysteriously working to sustain you.


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