18 thoughts on “Live From The Messy Desk: Episode 1: Thanks and Beard Twins (Take 2)”

  1. Your beard is OUT OF CONTROL, bud… and I think I know a thing or two about beards… The difference between me and you is that I make this look good. Ha-ha. But, I’ll make you a deal, I’ll keep mine for Geoff’s wedding if you keep yours… pretty sure Steve Malagari has a beard going too… maybe we can convince Mohl to grow on for the wedding…. -broseph


  2. 1. I came close to peeing myself as I watched this.
    2. I say keep the beard. As long as it doesn’t get gnarly and start to clump, I’ll support it.
    3. I think you meant to say “Grand Elf” – but, anyway, classic dadism.
    4. YOU stay classy :)


  3. A bearded wedding… I’ve been told by the groom that he is okay with it. I’ve been told by the bride that I shouldn’t do it. All I said was “deal.”

    My problem with beards is that I can’t connect the ‘stache with the beard. If I grew anything it would probably be something like this

    and I think looks kinda of serial killer-ish.

    But at the same time, I work in I.T and we are known for facial hair.

    Anyway, guess I’m not “manly enough.”


  4. Doug, there’s nothing wrong with a goatee… and I agree with Chris, if you start now, you’ll have time to grow it in…. Ashley, I agree with you as long as it doesn’t get gnarley. The key to a good bear is to shampoo and conditioner it just as often as you do the hair on your head… and if it gets long enough that it needs to be combed than do that too haha. The real question remains… what does the wife think of the beard?!?


    1. the wife does not mind the beard as long as the husband dries his face after drinking beverages and before kissing her. I seriously thought a walrus attacked me the other day. It was terrifying.


      1. I believe it’s call the Cameron. It’s a good look, I had it for a couple weeks Junior year of College, after Ramsey shaved my head for charity.


  5. Chris the beard appears fine via video, but face to face tells the real truth. I guess I’ll have to see if face to face I still believe it passes with A+. There just better not be a bald patches as well as when it is growing to chunks of anything in it. I know it always nice to have a snack for later just don’t carry it on your beard.


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