Live From the Messy Desk: Episode Zero: Beard Twins!

The videoblog (vlog, for all you hipsters) that wasn’t.  The problem, as stated in an email to a few trusty gmail users (sorry, hotmail):

I try not to think about what might have been.

“So I just got done with my first video blog. Unfortunately, I left some copyrighted music playing in the background and I won’t be able to post it to YouTube.  As I explain in the clip, this was just supposed to be a practice video (hence my overall appearance) but I ended up liking it and wanting to post.  Well, YouTube can’t have it and WordPress doesn’t let you upload the QuickTime format.  Anywhoo, I thought you might enjoy.  Sorry if I just totally crashed your inbox.”

If you’d like your own copy of this tiny bit of internet history, drop me a line.   A proper Episode 1 to follow.



  1. Notes: (1) I can’t help but think of Conan’s videoblogs (i.e.

    . (2) In addition to blocking you from publishing on youtube, the background music makes it rather difficult to hear you. (3) I am currently rocking a remarkably similar beard, though a bit less robust. See a low-quality photo.(4) I can’t comment on the facial hair of Jesus or Moses, but you’re a long way from Gimli. Aragorn, perhaps.


  2. heh. Well, the Welshy color is similar to Gimli. And I appreciate you sharing your beard pic…that’s a pretty nice one. Has a good “playoffs??” feel. Even when I don’t mean to, I can only say or hear “playoffs” in that way for obvious reasons. Yeah…Conan is an inspiration, and not just on the beard front.


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