Timing is Everything, Mitt! via Spinny Liberal and a Suggestion for the Romney Folks via Your Daily Cocca

I really liked this excerpted post from our friend Spinny Liberal. Whatever your issues with any of the 2012 candidates (Barack Obama included), it’s hard not to see Romney’s “I’m unemployed, too!” schtick as ill-timed, out of touch, unfunny, insensitive, grating, and stupid.

Mitt, Mitt, Mitt. There’s something to this whole “let’s cleverly leverage the bad economy” thing, and that video ad Jason Linkins dug so much a few days ago is a good example.  These humorless “I’m normal” bombs aren’t. In fact, they’re exactly the kind of thing Linkins was talking about when he suggested you’re  the rich man’s Michael Scott.  I’d lay off that routine for a while, Mr. Governor.

But check this out.  I’m disappointed that no one is challenging the President from the left. I understand why no one is, but I don’t like it.  We need those voices in this conversation.  Don’t you want to see the President deign to debate his party’s activist base?  I do, because it’s good for the process and for our broader politics. Memes and sound bites and propaganda are not, but I couldn’t help but respond to how easy it should be for Romney to use the bad economy to his advantage.  Sure, these are offered partly in jest, but if you’re going to try connect with real people affected by real economic conditions, why not use language like this?:

Next week, I’ll make some anti-Romney posters, because I like to keep things on the up and up.  Your Daily Cocca fancies himself a fiery independent more likely to vote for a Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich ticket than  Obama-Biden or Romney-Whoever. Remind me to also do a post next week about how Ross Perot screwed up the 90s by dropping out of the ’92 race.  We’d have a viable national third party by now if he hadn’t hedged.  More on that later. Without further ado, the post from our friend Spinny is below.

Timing is Everything, Mitt! Mitt Romney Leads 2012 Field, but Many Republicans Pine for Someone Else He’s usually pretty charming. At the New Hampshire debate, he made a great hockey championship reference – the Bruins being up over the Canucks. He flashed that dazzling smile and said he loves spicy wings. Mm hmm. Drowned in blue cheese dressing I’m sure. So where did that guy go? To awkward land, apparently. He meets with these unemployed Floridians in a Tampa coffee shop. … Read More

via Spinny Liberal


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