Rock and Roll Word Association

We start with Mumford and Sons:

Mumford and Sons: Fleet Foxes

Oasis: Blues Traveler (don’t say Blur. Don’t ever say Blur.)

Coldplay: Yellow

Beatles: Beach Boys

Kinks: Stones

Who: Led Zeppelin

Foo Fighters: System of a Down

Tom Petty:  Hearbreakers

Bruce Springsteen: E-Street

John Mellencamp: Pink Houses

Pink: Areosmith

Dream On: Dream Until Your Dream Comes True

Joe Perry riffing: Conan O’Brien

Morrissey: Kevin Max

James: Oasis

REM: Third Day

The Police: U2

R2D2: Not The Droids You’re Looking For



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  2. Alex L. · November 30, 2011

    Interesting that you thought “Beatles: Beach Boys”. My buddies recently had a mind-numbingly long debate about which of the two was the best pop music group of all time while I was trying to play poker.


    • Christopher Cocca · December 2, 2011

      It’s the Beach Boys…and that’s exactly why my mind went there. Band for band is a harder analysis that Brian Wilson vs. John and Paul. Wilson >.


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