NATO Misses Meat Loaf’s Threshold For Mission Success, Kills 12 Women and Children While Netting 6 Militant Hits (?)


I think it was Meat Loaf, who must now occupy a pace in the President’s cabinet, who famously said, “don’t feel bad.  Two outta three ain’t bad.”

But if reports from the ground are true, Wednesday’s NATO strike in Afghanistan missed even Meat Loaf’s Threshold for Mission Success.

Locals are saying that of the 18 men, women, and children supposed killed in the attack (and they have a van-full of bodies to go along with the claim), “most” or “all” of the men were militants.  So, you know, one full third.

Note to NATO and the President:  this isn’t fucking baseball.  Your kill-list terrorist baseball cards notwithstanding.

Let the record show that Hamid Karzai is in all likelihood one corrupt, dishonest excuse for a leader.  But the villagers on the ground are reporting this story.  It’s not beyond possibility that we’re being lied to about the civilian deaths from the Afghan side, but as the shadow war in Yemen shows, we’re certainly not being told the whole truth about causalities by the US and other Western forces.

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