Whitehall Suing Allentown Over Hockey Arena Plan; Whitehall’s Own Redevelopment Study Cites Allentown Hockey Arena as a Future Ecomic Driver for Whitehall

I hope Whitehall’s plan to revitalize the the southern portion of MacArthur road comes to fruition.  I really hope the art deco facade of the Lehigh Valley Dairy is saved from demolition.

I think it’s asinine that some Lehigh Valley townships, including Whitehall, are suing to halt Allentown’s downtown arena project.  In Whitehall’s case, a consulting group paid by the township to develop a revitalization plan said “Nearby investments, such as the ice arena in downtown Allentown, will also help drive the revitalization efforts as more trips are to be planned using this [Whitehall’s] corridor.”

Can’t have it both ways, Whitehall. The law that diverts tax money back to Allentown to develop the arena disctric is either fair to you or isn’t.  If your development pros are saying what Allentown is saying (the whole region will benefit from Allentown’s revitalization), you might want to consider the money you’re going to spend on this lawsuit.



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  2. GDub · June 9, 2012

    Governments disagree with the studies of consultants all the time, and there is nothing wrong with it. The fact that this particular consultant advocates for certain kinds of urban redevelopment is background information that should be taken into account.


    • Christopher Cocca · June 12, 2012

      Sure. But the Whitehall commissioners in favor of the MacArthur revitalization project are going to use these findings/opinions in support of their project, all the while denying a key premise in the larger context.


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