On Retiring “Lehigh Valley” in favor of “Allentown Metro”

The suburbs are all trying to sue the City into the Forever Blight.  Screw them.  Until this resolves, I suggest South Whitehall build its own post office, Whitehall build a wall on southern MacArthur Road so as not to benefit from the  traffic flow of a city it so clearly resents, and so on.

Here’s the other side of the rub:  Whenever the Lehigh Valley metro region unites to find itself on lists like “dirtiest air” or “asthma capital,”  the list-making bodies always do what most people from here do when they move away and talk about where they’re from: call it all Allentown. 

Allentown is listed as an asthma capital, but the truth is the asthma data represents the Allentown metro.  If the outside world is going to do it anyway, and if it pisses ye olde township folk off, lets retire Lehigh Valley and just say Allentown metro.

One thought on “On Retiring “Lehigh Valley” in favor of “Allentown Metro””

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