Allentown Awarded Progressive Health Care “Hot Spot” Grant

Jeff Brenner (Dr. Hotspot) at TEDx (photo by TEDxBigApple2012 on flickr)

Dr. Jeffrey Brenner developed a national reputation for crunching hospital data to find the sickest people in a community, flooding them with health care and social services and wrenching out huge savings in fewer emergency room visits, reduced hospital admissions and less ill health.

Brenner, nicknamed “Dr. Hotspot” for targeting the sickest 1 percent — who consumed 30 percent of health care spending in his hometown of Camden, N.J. — visited Allentown last year to promote his data-driven, collaborative methods.

Now, Dr. Hotspot, or at least his model, is coming here to stay.

More from the Morning Call.

The three other cities recieving “hot spot” grants are San Diego; Kansas City, MO; and Aurora, CO.

I wasn’t able to attend Brenner’s presentations at Zion’s Reformed UCC in Allentown and Moravian Seminary  last year, but many friends and people I work with on a regular basis were.  Afterward,  they shared well-garnered optimism about what a program like this could mean for our community.  Now we’ll have one, thanks to good work done by CUNA and other stakeholders.

If you’re tempted to think that local advocacy and education doesn’t matter, think again.

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