Do Obama’s Civilian Death Numbers Add Up?

From Justin Elliott:

Last month, a “senior administration official” said the number of civilians killed in drone strikes in Pakistan under President Obama is in the “single digits.” But last year “U.S. officials” said drones in Pakistan killed about 30 civilians in just a yearlong stretch under Obama.

Both claims can’t be true.


Judge for yourself.  Don’t ask why Obama’s feet aren’t being held to the fire on this the way they would if there weren’t a (D) after his name.  Don’t ask if this Administration is doing things that make Dick Cheney blush.  We got this, okay?

You know, in your gut, how cavalier the sentiment behind statements like “probably in the single digits” and “no more than 30” must be.

2 thoughts on “Do Obama’s Civilian Death Numbers Add Up?”

  1. Didn’t you hear? Any adult male who is in the presence of suspected militants when a drone strike occurs is considered to be a militant themselves, even if there had been no prior evidence to that effect. Under this accounting system, the death of an adult male can only be counted as a civilian casualty if specific exculpatory evidence is found after the execution. And I’m sure someone works very hard to find that …


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