A One-Two Punch At Plastic Waste: The Fungi That Eats Polyurethane and the Humans Who Make Edible (Non-plastic) Food Packaging

Sean Connery at the private party after the pr...
Just, you know, because.

Well, this kind of save-the-world convergence could only happen in the Amazon (if Sean Connery has taught me anything, and you’d better believe he has).

Earlier this evening, I happened upon WikiCells, a packaging innovation that delivers food in edible packaging.  And it’s not as gross as it sounds.  It’s actually very cool.  And if you don’t want to eat the orange-like skin your orange juice comes in, compost it.  What the hell, just throw it away, because it will break down long before it gets to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (which poets call The Gyre).

A bit later, Mashable reminded me about this plastic-eating fungi that’s been found in the Amazon.

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