What ObamaCare Could Mean for the Chronically Homeless

This is very important insight for everyone concerned about the chronically homeless from Nan Roman, head of the National Alliance to End Homelessness:

There is widespread consensus in the policy community about the solutions to chronic homelessness. Chronically homeless people need access to permanent housing, then access to the services they need to treat their illnesses and remain stable in housing. Many, though not all, of these services are health-related. Reforms embodied in the ACA address key problems in our health care system that have most hampered local progress toward alleviating chronic homelessness.

There is a popular assumption that virtually all chronically homeless people are already protected by low-income health care programs like Medicaid. This assumption is wrong. Many are not. Currently, the lack of access to health care and related supports is a major contributor to housing instability. For someone living on the street — often already dealing with mental illness or addiction — or someone with health-related burdens in subsidized housing, access to health care makes a considerable difference.

Read the rest here.

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