a personal note about “songs from a broken liturgy: vol. 1” by saints&Children


For the better part of the last year, friends here in Allentown have been gathering in a liturgical experiment of community we’ve called broken liturgy.  Art, music, worship, doubt, peace, fear, deconstruction, hope, homefulness, yearning, wanting, lacking, needing…we’ve been touched by these and many other impulses. 

Early this summer, broken liturgy’s arts and music team recorded an album called songs from a broken liturgy: volume 1.  We’ve described the broken liturgy experiment as “church undone,” and the songs on this 6-track EP are familiar hymns undone, redone, and shared.  The record starts with an original invocation the I wrote down in the control room at Retro City Studios while the band played below.

“intro” is not the piece I walked into RCS with.  It is the piece the band co-wrote with me in the moment.  It’s what I heard while they were playing.  I’m glad to share it, and to share the EP with you on it’s first day of public streaming and online release.

If you’re in the Allentown area (or plan to be later in August) and want details about the physical release party, get in touch with me in the comments. 


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