Allentown Is Brimming With Potential, and Warren Buffett Gets It

We were just talking about this on the radio last night, this being the opportunity we see everywhere in Allentown.  Warren Buffet agrees.  He may just buy The Morning Call.

Mr. Buffett, while you’re at it, use the NIZ and move Berkshire Hathaway here, or GEICO, or something.  We’ve made ourselves ripe for the picking.  I’d rather it be someone like you than someone like, well, that’s a big list.

On second thought, Mr. Buffett, don’t use the NIZ.  You’re all for the rich paying a fair share, and I think you could bring that sensibility to our present situation.  With the arena coming, the Waterfront coming, and the penniless Allentown School District contributing $300,000 this year in the process (thanks to how the NIZ was written), you’re precisely what we need.

Hate the NIZ or love it, it has enticed businesses here already.  I can’t argue with that.  But when I’m talking about Allentown’s latent potential, I’m talking about people, I’m talking about community-building, activist citizenship, and coming together to fight things like violence in schools, in the streets, in our homes.  And I’m talking, certainly, about the media clout of the Greater Lehigh Valley.  Warren Buffett gets that.  WFMZ gets that in spades. I’m talking about the lot of us wanting to keep ourselves here and make sure the revolution includes everyone.  I’m talking about underground things, too, places where the in-breaking of God’s economy won’t quit.

The business community in Allentown has the NIZ.  The community of people who live here now…we have each other, and we need each other.  We’re brimming with potential and with strong shared desires to see our city flourish, to seek its shalom, its wholeness, its peace and prosperity.  Mr. Buffett, we’ll take your help.

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