My Name is Mission

SHFB(1)Second Harvest Food Bank, with the support of donors from across Pennsylvania and beyond, has a network of over 200 agencies and is able to distribute food to more than 66,000 people each month across the greater NE PA region.

I hope this is shocking for two reasons:

1) It’s nothing short of amazing (maybe even miraculous) that Second Harvest has this kind of reach and impact because of help from people like you, from the hard work of member agencies, from the dedication of staff, and with, in my way of thinking, God’s gracious help.  I’m reminded of the stories in the Gospels of Jesus multiplying loaves and fishes to feed more and more people.  Partnered with the community, Second Harvest is able to feed multitudes.

2) Please be shocked and scandalized by the need.  66,000 people each month in NE Pennsylvania, and this doesn’t count the instances of…

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