Jonathan D. Fitzgerald is Not Your Mother’s Moralist: How The New Sincerity Is Changing Popular Culture for The Better

Picture 35My friend Jonathan D. Fitzgerald is one on of the hardest working folks in the New Sincerity, which, if you think about it, is really saying something.  In addition to his roles as editor at Patrol and contributor to Patheos, Atlantic and other venues, Jonathan has just published a new book with Bondfire called Not Your Mother’s Morals: How The New Sincerity Is Changing Pop Culture for the Better.

He posted an excerpt recently on Patheos, where he mentioned me and Conan O’Brien, which is sincerely awesome.  The New Sincerity is what has made or is making the New Morality possible, Jonathan argues.  Lots of ramifications, I think, for things like the possibility of faith.  And here I can’t help but think of Peter Rollins (pretty much everything he writes) and Paul Tillich (God above God, etc.).  Jonathan, thank you for everything you’re doing! Congratulations on the book, the first of many!


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