An Open Letter to My Blog on His Birthday

I’ve missed you these last two weeks.  You know I hate those “sorry I haven’t written in a while” posts as a rule.  So this isn’t that.  We’ve been talking.  I just haven’t paid you the kind of mind to which we’ve both grown accustomed.  It does feel like something’s missing.

I thought we should share this search list with the folks:


He-Man/Merman tops the list.  The Sands casino deep comes up because Sands wants to sell their Bethlehem operation, and because the deed prohibits public demonstrations on public land in the birthplace of the American labor movement.

My friend John Bengan brings more hits to you, blog, than Linda Perry.  His short story about Manny Pacquiao speaking to a butterfly in California is amazing, and given the frequency with which it’s searched, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already showing up on syllabi.

Desmond wears Euclids.

Axl Rose and Noel Gallagher should make a record together.

Blog, there’s a lot going on in Allentown and on the rest of God’s green Earth right now.  Thanks for being here, for indexing my tangents, and for collecting what would otherwise remain so much ephemera.  And thanks for connecting me to people.  This month marks seven years of our wanderings together.  Somewhere along the way, I realized neither of us were lost.

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