Coming Out In Support of Same-Sex Marriage (because of Jesus)

tumblr_mkakb163gO1qez3u0o1_500A family member asked me today to talk about my support of same-sex marriage from a scriptural perspective.  So, I did:

My faith is one of many formative things that compel me to embrace the values and legal projections enshrined in the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, specifically the Equal Protection Clause. Scripture teaches me to value all people, that all are equal before God, that none are without sin, no not one, and that more often than not, the very people being marginalized by entrenched power structures are the ones we are called to stand with. So, while I respect the right of religious organizations to exclude same-sex couples from the bonds of church-sanctioned marriage (even if I disagree with that exclusion), I don’t see anything in scripture or in my experience of God that tells me that the secular state has the right to deny Equal Protection to same sex couples. There are many Christians who believe that because Christ calls us to radical new definitions of community and family, same sex covenants under the headship of Christ ought to be celebrated as much as “traditional” marriage. When it comes to “traditional” marriage, scripture seems to indicate various things: the kinsman redeemer, the concubined kings, the marginalized women, and, of course, Paul’s teaching that if you can help it, it’s probably best to not get married in the first place. Scripture is a mosaic, but the Living Christ is our guide, companion, savior, brother, friend. I do believe we’re called by Him in this hour to stand for equal protection under the law, even folks who are against it in the church.

2 thoughts on “Coming Out In Support of Same-Sex Marriage (because of Jesus)”

  1. Your reference to 1 Cor 7 should also include a reminder that Paul’s writings on marriage and sexual activity are couched with phrases like “I do not have a direct command from the Lord (vs 12 NRSV) and ” I have no command of the Lord but I give my opinion” (vs 25 NRSV). He is decisive and directive only when it comes to the 7th commandment (vs 10), which of course simply reinforces fidelity. Otherwise he acknowledges that he is giving only suggestions (“concession not command” vs 6). His response to questions on this issue is within the context of his belief in the imminent end of the age. So he also says not to be concerned about slavery (vs 21). Of course Paul doesn’t hesitate to give his opinions, he clearly states that is all they are. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear such clarity and humility in the midst of our present debate on this issue?


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