The Clean Air Ordinance is on the Ballot in Allentown: Thank God

Why?  Here’s why:

And here:

If you’d rather not click through the links, I’ll repost the content of the first one here.

Originally posted Feb. 3, 2013:

I’ve publicly condemned the sludge-to-energy scheme running roughshod over Allentown residents on various occasions in conversation, here on the blog, and at City Council meetings.  In December, I compiled a rundown of my opposition for the convenience of people coming here looking for information on how we as a community got where we are with Delta Thermo Energy, Allentown City Council, and the current Administration.

Frankly, the situation sucks.

Can I show you a picture worth thousands and thousands of words?

Good.  Here it is:

Thankfully, citizen-leaders in Allentown are organizing in support of a proposed Clean Air Ordinance for the City.

Did you know that the Pennsylvania Constitution names access to clean air and clean water as a basic human right?  Did you know that the same group of people ramming the incinerator through are also trying to privatize the City’s water?  To every liberal supporting these schemes, I ask that you’d reconsider, among other things, Pennsylvania’s designation as a Commonwealth.  I’d also ask why, in God’s name, you’d 1) support the DTE deal and 2) build the burn so close to where so many people in public housing live, play, get healthcare, and send their kids to school.

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