Speaking of Scandal: With Congress Set to Cut SNAP, the Working Poor are Put on Notice

Field Negro shares this:
“Conservatives are about to find out that it’s not only those poor Negroes in urban areas who depend on food stamps.
My experience has taught me that quite a few working head of households, college students, and hardworking families who are trying to make ends meet in America depend on food stamps as well.
Yes, there is fraud, but show me an area of society where there isn’t fraud. I guarantee you that if we were to put a microscope to some of these politicians passing these draconian laws against  people they consider powerless we would find that their milk isn’t exactly clean, either.”
FN goes on to say that of the three scandals the Obama administration is mired in right now, only the AP case is actually scandalous.  I’m not so sure about that, but I do agree, wholeheartedly, that the pending SNAP cuts in the Farm Bill will substantially hurt working families and the working poor in general. That, certainly, is scandalous. Call your representatives.
I work with SNAP recipients every single day.  The needs are real, and the conditions that conspire to make SNAP necessary, even for working families, are so much closer to all of us than so many of us think.  Middle class people, please hear me:  many of us, even in two income households,  are one pink slip away from qualifying for and needing SNAP.   Without it, more homes will be lost.  More children will go hungry, under-perform at school, and fall into other parts of the system.  Let me say it again:  working poor will be hurt by these cuts, and so will working middle-class families in which both adults aren’t currently gainfully employed, and not for lack of trying. Know anyone like that?   Yes.  We all do.

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