Pope Francis, Jesus, Redemption, Facebook, SNAP

How about those meta tags?

Last night I shared this piece to Facebook.  It shares some of Pope Francis remarks from yesterday about redemption through Christ being for all.   I summarized them by saying “do good, leave the rest to Jesus,” and then affirming this sort of hyper-public discourse.  (It’s the pope, after all…very few leaders have their words so quickly entered into the tapestry of public ideation.)

By 7:30 this morning, there were quite a few comments and good conversation.  There was a robust consideration of the degree to which this pope can be lauded for human rights advocacy given his views on homosexuality and gender.  There were also questions about being saved by faith and not through works, reminders about the historic difference between Catholic and Protestant doctrine and so on.  People also talked about the good we can do through this give and take.

I thought for a while and responded with the thread below:





These certainly aren’t all my thoughts on the matter. I’m joyful for a Christ who is bigger than I can imagine, never smaller.

One thought on “Pope Francis, Jesus, Redemption, Facebook, SNAP”

  1. As an atheist with a Catholic education, it’s been a real pleasure to hear from this Pope, particularly in contrast to the last one. I think there are a lot of tolerant, progressive Catholics (like my mom, who also posted the link to the Huffington Post article on her Facebook with the commentary “Amen-amen-amen! Pope Francis teaches of a loving God, who loves us all, no-matter-what!”) who would rather be defined by their charity than their exclusivity.


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