Bill Moyers On Colbert: Poverty and The Lord’s Prayer

“When  I was growing up in Texas, when you were growing up in South Carolina, we didn’t pray ‘give me this day my daily bread.’  That’s the law of the jungle.   The powerful take what they want and everyone is left to get what they can.  We prayed ‘give us this day our daily bread.’  That’s the prayer of civilization. We’re all in this together.” 

Watch the rest here.  


One Comment

  1. […] When America’s political fathers were framing the Constitution, James Madison believed that self-interested factionalism was the key to curbing fanaticism and tyrannies of majority.   These days, self-interested factionalism is itself a kind of tyrant.  Lampert’s Sears is no way forward.  It is the relic of (and playbook for) a never-fully realized Randian dystopia.  Humanity is better than that and has always, deep down, known so.  Let the grain and seed out of the silo so they can be made to feed and grow new notions forward, better ways of doing human things and of being human.  The law of the jungle vs. the prayer of civilization. […]



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