Being Healthy Sucks Most of the Time, but Here’s a Free Guide to Being Healthy


It’s the middle of January, “Resolution Month” at the gym. In the past, I’ve railed against “resoluters,” with their shiny new workout gear and lack of follow-through. But as I get older, I realize, hey, we’re all human. Maintaining a healthy weight means making the right choices most of the time. Making these choices takes time and often sucks. At the same time, the fitness and nutrition markets are flooded with svengali promises made by the cross fits and diet plans of the world.

The truth is, to get healthier, you don’t need to pay $200 a month for someone to yell at you or for some crazy diet that is impossible to maintain in the long-term. So I created this totally free flow chart to help guide you toward a healthier lifestyle or toward complete and utter ambivalence toward a healthier lifestyle. Happy New Year.



diet flow



Author: proftruck

I am starting this blog as a test. I am teaching an ENGL 101 class focused on the 2008 election. Students will be creating blogs for multiple assignments.

2 thoughts on “Being Healthy Sucks Most of the Time, but Here’s a Free Guide to Being Healthy”

  1. ProfTruck is a doctor, but this doesn’t qualify as medical advice.I’m fairly certain his PhD is in comparative professional wrestling, which, then again, uniquely qualifies him to have have put this chart together. So again, this isn’t medical advice. But still.


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