Why Can’t Jedi Fly?

flySo, I was thinking about the Marvel Universe last night and how cool it is that the Ultimate Marvel Universe version of Nick Fury is the canonical version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  That’s like the geekiest sentence I’ve ever written, and certainly the most multiversal.  Then I thought about how Sam Jackson is also Mace Windu, and how Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars and so on.  And then I thought about how Windu was dispatched in Revenge of the Sith, the Defenestration of Coruscant, so to speak.

And then I really started to wonder why Jedi can’t fly.  They can use The Force to jump tall buildings like pre-flight Superman.  Some have used it to levitate.  Yoda used it to jump all over the place in Attack of the Clones.   But why can’t a Jedi with sufficient training and control use The Force to fly? It may not have helped Windu in any case, given that he was probably knocked out.  But we could get all kinds of creative and assume that a highly developed subconscience would perceive the peril and wield The Force accordingly.  That may sound far-fetched, but we’re talking about fiction.  If the franchise wants to bring Windu back, they could enact some version of him surviving in this way with partial amnesia or as Mace “Ben” Windu somewhere west of Tatooine.

There are no shortage of fan theories:  flying would take too much concentration, for example. But where there’s a Journal of the Whills, there’s a way.



  1. wydok · January 21, 2015

    In the EU, which is no longer canon, they can.

    As far as canon goes, the closest we’ve seen so far was Kanaan using the Force to save Ezra when he fell out of The Ghost in an episode of Star Wars Rebels. I forget which one.



    • Christopher Cocca · January 21, 2015

      Is the EU out as of the release of Episode VII, or with the airing of Rebels, or with the launch a few days ago of Star Wars #1, or with the purchase, or by some other fiat/decree?


      • wydok · October 26, 2015

        The only things canon in Star Wars at this point are the movies, Clone Wars, Rebels, and anything published since September 2014 (which is when A New Dawn was published).

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