Bob Dole’s 1996 Website is Still Online, is an Historic Treasure Trove, and is All in Third-Person

Among the revelations:

his concern about governments cyber-spying on their citizens

his team was ahead of the interactive and meme-making curve.

In 1996, Bill Clinton’s team predicted sluggish economic growth for the early years of the 21st century.

The August redesign was, according to the team, the first-ever customizable political website in history.

The day after the Oct. 6 debate in Hartford, during which Dole mentioned the site, over 750,000 new visitors logged on (with AOL and Netscape, no doubt) in a four-hour period, with an Oct. 7 total as high, perhaps, as 2 million.

When you have some time, pour over some of the agenda details.  Where do you think Dole ’96 stands in relation to today’s Republicans?  It’s worth noting that Pat Buchanan beat Dole in New Hampshire that spring.


3 thoughts on “Bob Dole’s 1996 Website is Still Online, is an Historic Treasure Trove, and is All in Third-Person”

  1. I have another beaut, Chris. Flipping through the channels last night during the president’s state of the union address, I noticed that one well-known news station had the caption “President George W. Bush’s State of the Union Address” showing on the screen as President Obama was speaking. Perhaps this was a portent of GWB’s policies being implemented in Mr. Obama’s next year of office?

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