The Inherent Prospect of Melting Ice as Climatological Warfare

This animation by National Geographic may hold the key to explaining why some people don’t want to do anything about rising sea levels.  Look what happens to India and China if all the ice melts. The US loses more area by proportion, but it doesn’t lose a city the size or strategic significance of Beijing.  Are there people willing to let this happen to the world in the larger scope of this too-cynical-for-words real politik?  Maybe? Probably?  Yikes?

Ironically, China itself is the world’s biggest polluter and biggest emitter of greenhouse gases…

3 thoughts on “The Inherent Prospect of Melting Ice as Climatological Warfare”

  1. Do you really think people are opposed to preventing this catastrophe because it will be more devastating for other countries? That sounds extremely unlikely to me, given the much more natural motives of profit (Exxon-Mobil, Koch Industries, etc.), tribalistic suspicion of science (Republican base), unwillingness to give up the comforts of cheap transportation, eating meat, etc. (everyone), and getting reelected by people who fall into the above categories (virtually all politicians).


  2. I think there are people with long enough views for whom it’s sort of like “eh, we’ll still be okay.” I don’t think it’s actually guiding any policy. But the “eh” view is the same view held by the corporate priorities you’re positing: “we may ruin the Earth, but we’ll probably be ok. And we won’t be around if and when it gets really bad. And science will find other ways to fix things that don’t disturb our business” etc.


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