Allentown Budget a Reflection of FBI’s Ongoing Investigation

Ed Pawlowski’s new budget calls for a tax hike (specifically, an EIT increase), needed, in part, to pay for police as federal funding runs out.  It also borrows a cool $4,5 million from the Solid Waste Fund. It daren’t raise property taxes. But what about next year?

A few other thoughts:

The EIT increase raises revenue by $5.5 million.  Remember that number.

Extra police are being hired for the arena zone not out of need or threat, but to assuage suburban fears.  Why can’t we use some of the money from the water deal for that?

Because Ed Pawlowski spent the $5 million we had left over, and $1.4 million of that $5 million on literally toxic land to help his best frenemy, Abe Atiyeh, free up cash for another deal.  That deal is, by all indications, part of the FBI’s ongoing investigation of Pawlowski and people he did business with.

This tax hike comes as Allentown residents also prepare for a 2.5 percent hike in water bills from LCA (to whom Pawlowski famously and contentiously leased Allentown’s water and sewer systems) and unspecified charges for LCA capital improvements.

Allentown needs to turn the page.  Write-in Rich Fegley and Shane Fillman for Allentown City Council. Vote for Steven Ramos for Allentown City Controller.  Restore real checks and balances to the City Without Limits.

Be sure to read Emily Opilo’s piece about all of this in The Morning Call.

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