Introducing Food Truck Pastor


Chris, the not-quite erstwhile editor and publisher of Rad Infinitum (occasional has nicer ring, don’t you think?) has been busy.

He tried selling insurance as a way of supplementing his passions but that took him away from those things.  Another passion of his, the family food business, was also at a critically amazing point, and he jumped in.  You can read about his past year-and-half here.  He’s pastoring a church, helping run the family food business, investing in community in Allentown as Allentown shakes off its rust-belt rust, and doing lots of other things.

Please join him at and on twitter @foodtruckpastor.

Rad Infinitum will not be shuttered, and may even become less occaisonal and more frquent  in the weeks and months ahead.  Stay tuned!



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