Maybe I’m Wrong About Russia, But…

…it seems to me that if elite Democrats and the corporate media would pursue Wall Street reform, affordable housing, student debt, the wealth gap, or restoring coverage to working people (many of them self-employed –trust me, I know something about this–) who lost health care coverage as a direct result of the ACA, or even some or even any of this with the same vigor with which they breathlessly push the kind of, maybe, no proof yet Russia allegations, maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t find themselves even less popular now than Donald Trump and Mike Pence (who, as you know, lost the popular vote).

Could it be that the Democratic elite have learned nothing from November?  Have learned nothing from the Sanders insurgency?  They learned nothing from Occupy Wall Street, so, really, we shouldn’t be surprised.

But what do I know?  I’m just a self-employed person watching thousands of self-employed people lose coverage.   Trumpcare or Ryancare or whatever you want to call it isn’t the answer. But the worst parts of Obamacare need to be addressed not just by Republicans, bit also by leading Democrats, and not just by Bill Clinton.  Admit the mistakes. Admit that the mandate is unpopular.  Admit that the people who lost coverage matter as much as the people who gained it.  Every last one of them matter every bit as as much.

Outspoken progressives refusing to swallow the Democratic party line, people like HA Goodman, Mike Tracy, and Tim Black, have been saying these things for a long time.  In return, they’re treated like outcasts by the Official Left.  They’re trolled as being crypto-fascists, Bernie Bros,  or whatever else.  Could it be, though, that the Democratic elite are focusing on Russia, or on Kellyanne Conway’s frivolities, or lashing out at progressives because it keeps them from having to push real policy agendas that people actually want?  That is to say, it keeps them from having to take on the interests that fund their (and Republican) campaigns and careers?

Like him or not, Donald Trump was elected because he represented a break from the status quo and from the status quo interests that control official Washington.  Democrats  (and Republicans) would do well to remember that.

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