The New Tag Team I Really Want to See In Impact Wrestling

IMPACT (formerly TNA) Wrestling is seeking a comeback.  Co-founder Jeff “Double J” Jarrett is back, Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan are gone.

Last week’s episode of IMPACT (PopTV) was the first under the promotion’s new ownership (Anthem Entertainment, owner of the Fight Network and other properties, bought the operation late last year).  New stars debuted, old stars returned, new angles and conflicts were promoted.

Years ago, in the final days of WCW, there was a tag-team called Creative Control, a nod to the process by which everything about professional wrestling is decided.  Matches, storylines, gimmicks.  It was a wink, not a very clever or funny one, at the process.

I’d like to see IMPACT create a tag team called The Comment Section.  The Comment Section of any major website, we know, is best avoided: it’s where trolls are fed, where bullies reign, where discourse goes to die.  It’s a great gimmick for a top heel team in a company hoping to start over.  The Internet Wrestling Community (IWC, or, as WWE calls it, the Internet Sports Entertainment Community) is huge, active, and vocal.  It influences the creative direction of every wrestling promotion.  Promos would write themselves: The Comment Section, the team, could simply read actual negative comments about their opponents left on wrestling sites and social media by real fans.  All the conventions of the comment section apply.  Opposing teams aren’t just pinned, they’re Downvoted.  It’s self-conscious, obnoxious, and ridiculous, and I bet it would get over big.



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