On Rejection and Acceptance

When I was in my MFA program, I wrote a short story that I really believed in.  That happens to most people in fiction programs.

It’s really hard finding homes for these pieces, no matter how good you think it is, no matter how good your workshop thinks it is, no matter how good your professors, accomplished, successful writers, think it is.

There is a lot of rejection.  I mean, a lot.  Sometimes, there is acceptance.

In the early-ish days of the online literary scene, I was fortunate to have quite a few short pieces published at various digital venues. In my fiction program, I began focusing on longer pieces.  One of the pieces from those days, which I have shopped many times over the past six years, has today been accepted for publication at an international digital journal.  I’ll share the specifics when it goes up.  It’s a good feeling.

Writers, keep going.  Revise, rewrite, re-edit.  Workshop.  Send.

Good luck!

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