How Diverse are US Newsrooms?

This is an interesting and rather robust data set:

You can view by gender or by race, and then drill down for more specifics.  It captures numbers from newspapers large and small all across the country.

According to these numbers, my local paper, the Allentown Morning Call, has no African Americans or people of Asian descent on staff.  I can’t imagine that’s accurate, but maybe that’s because I want to find it hard to believe.  That’s not a dig at the Call or my friends who do great work there, but I’m going to ask around.

Is your local paper listed?  How does it compare?


One thought on “How Diverse are US Newsrooms?”

  1. update: a friend at the Call told me there are no African Americans in the newsroom, and one Asian American reporter. Layoffs and voluntary departures (new jobs, retirements, etc) are some of the reasons.


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