Steal This Blog (Or At Least Write On It)

I used to blog on The Huffington Post, back when it was called The Huffington Post.  Back when it was The Huffington Post.

Maybe you did, too.

Last month, HuffPost (as it’s now officially called) shut down the unpaid blogging platform without much of a head’s up.  A lot of people were upset, citing the fact that so much of what helped the platform grow was the work of bloggers investing their thoughts, time, and social influence.  That work produced traffic, and that traffic produced monetary value.  Those bloggers have never really been recognized (there was a class action lawsuit when AOL was sold to Verizon), and have now been told their free services no longer have a home.

It’s a business decision, and it’s a savvy if not fair one.

The operation on the blog you’re currently reading is not a very big one, but it does seem to be growing.  If you’d like to blog here about technology, literature, film, music, television, social justice or other things, get in touch with me.   Leave a comment on this post with a way for me to get in touch with you, and a link to your log or some of your writing.

5 thoughts on “Steal This Blog (Or At Least Write On It)”

      1. Hi Chris. Yes, I’m happy to put something together introducing Platform Cooperativism. Please let me know if there are any requirements/constraints. Otherwise, I would come back to you within the next two weeks or so with a suggestion? Thanks and have a great day


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