Donald Trump Does Not Believe the Market is Sentient, Twitter.

Donald Trump trolled the stock market on Twitter, and people are saying it’s proof that he doesn’t know how the stock market works. “Donald Trump thinks the Stock Market is sentient!” roared Twitter. Har har har!

Basically, Trump said it used to be that when economic news was good, the market went up.  Economic news is good, but the market went down.  Sad.  That’s a paraphrase, but you get the idea.

Meanwhile, a million other more important things hang in the balance.  So you go ahead and hit that low-hanging non-fruit, Twitter.  I get that we all need something to write about, and it’s hard to resist what must seem like an easy swipe, but does anyone really think Trump doesn’t know the fundamentals of the market?  Does anyone actually think these clap backs are clever?



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