The Flash Annual #1

Despite loving the Barry Allen version of the character from the 1990 TV show, Wally West was the Flash I grew up with. He will always be my Flash. His best costume will always been the resplendent crimson suit with domino-mask eye lenses.

I appreciate this review from Graphic Policy, because I have been looking to jump back into the Flash mythos.

Welcome home, Wally!

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Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Promo Image Surfaces

Promo art for new TMNT series debuts online.

I don’t know about this.

I love that it’s going to be 2D.  But the recently-concluded CG show was go good and felt like such a definitive take on the Turtles mythos, I’m not feeling very excited about the reboot.

From CBR:

“In Rise of the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, the four brothers are each a different reptile, and possess a very different weapon from what we’re used to. The cool but crude Raphael is now team leader, the position previously held by Leonardo. Not only that, he’ll be a snapping turtle who’s ditched his iconic sais for twin tonfas. Leonardo, now a red-eared slider full of charm and “rebel heart,” will be wield an ōdachi sword; Donatello is a soft-shell turtle with a tech bo staff and master coder; and Michelangelo is a box turtle rocking a kusari-fundo with the personality of an artist.”

The leadership tension between Leo and Raph is always at the heart of the family dynamic.  Now we’re seeing the roles somewhat reversed, but Leo with a “rebel heart?”  That will not do.

Also, they change weapons.  And they’re magic.

I like Donnie’s quad copter tho.

PETA Wants Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles To Eat Vegan Pizza

From an environmental impact perspective, it probably matters more that the pizza is locally sourced.

But not, like, from the sewer.  That’s gross.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always been synonymous with Pizza, but PETA would like for […]

Source: PETA Wants Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles To Eat Vegan Pizza

The Yellow Oval is Back on Batman’s Costume

Notably absent these last few years, an iconic piece of Bat-imagery will be returning to the Caped Crusader’s ensemble.

Via Comic

The yellow disc was added in the 60s as part of the “new-look” approach to Batman, made famous in the comics and even more so by the classic 1966 TV show.

As you know if you’re a Batman connoisseur, he used to sport purple gloves, too.  No word yet on reviving that look, although purple has been a key part of Batgirl’s palette since Yvonne Craig.

Not Even Batman Can Buy Vantablack

The absolute first thing I thought when I first read about Vantablack is that is brings us one step closer to real-life superheroics.  This is absolutely the material that Batman should be wearing.

But not even Bruce Wayne can source it.  Anybody know a guy?

Sometimes you need something to be utterly, totally, irredeemably black. Not just a little bit black, not just really really really dark blue, but as black as it is possible to get. It might be to trap light in a camera or a telescope, for artistic purposes, or even to make your warplane a more…

via The Current State of the Black Market: You Can’t Buy Vantablack — Hackaday

Disney XD’s SPIDER-MAN Renewed For 2nd Season

Good news, Spider-Fans!

Of course, the best Spidey series is the one with Firestar and Iceman, but this is also good.