Emailing Jeff Bezos About “Callous” Practices; Amazon As The New Atlantis

Jeff Bezos Says Amazon Won’t Tolerate ‘Callous’ Management Practices – The New York Times.

First Things has this to say, likening the Amazon ethos to Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis:  Amazon is Cruel to Be Kind.  You know that one was sitting in an editor’s hopper somewhere, waiting for other shoes to drop, maybe, after Spencer Soper’s expose about Amazon warehouse conditions a few years ago.  On that note, my email, dateline Allentown, PA, this morning, to Jeff:

Hi Jeff,

You seem sincere in your message to Amazonians re: the NYT piece.

I’m not an Amazonian, but the issue hits close to home because I live
in the Lehigh Valley and spend time advocating for the working poor.

I’m sure you remember the story from a few years ago about the Lehigh
Valley fulfillment center. If that was how management/culture treats a
workforce that, let’s be honest, has next to zero access to the
management bubble (let alone a shot at moving up the corporate
ladder…they’re mostly temps, and that’s intentional), then why would
it be shocking that the culture in other parts of the company might be
similarly toxic?

I applaud your personal efforts to ensure a progressive and fair
workplace for people at all levels…even temps.

all best,

Chris Cocca,

Allentown, PA

photo: CC James Duncan Davison

Almost Every Major Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Challenging or Defeating Clinton and Republicans. Here’s Why | H. A. Goodman

Hillary Clinton is one of the most cynical choices for president in at least a generation.  H.A. Goodman does a good job explaining why.

Almost Every Major Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Challenging or Defeating Clinton and Republicans. Here’s Why | H. A. Goodman.

An aside:  The FBI investigation is going to so thoroughly compromise Clinton’s campaign, it’s not outlandish to think that the real contest a few months from now will be between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.  That’s a contest Sanders wins going away.  Even if Clinton stays in the race, the Bernie movement is only just beginning.  Clinton lost this way to Obama 7 years ago without the burden of a shady record in the executive branch and an email scandal that in every way imaginable precludes her for the office she feels destined for.  Sorry not sorry, Madame Secretary.

Speaking of that War on Women: 56 Million Women Aren’t Working

A few notes:

  • Brietbart is a conservative outlet, so know that going in.  I consider myself progressive.
  • I don’t consider most pro-life stances to be anti-woman by default.  That’s not part of this article, but it is part of the overall conversation.
  • The jobs numbers, overall, look bad.
  • We still fall short on equal pay for equal work.

Why are we hitting an all-time high of woman not in the workplace? We suck at family leave, but that’s not the only answer.  Compared to places like Scandinavia, our capitalism seems not only lacking any true generative qualities, but is, essentially, toxic.

Record 56,209,000 Women Not in Labor Force – Breitbart.

A Foxy, Rowdy Republican Debate?

I didn’t watch the entire debate, but this account basically registers true for the parts I did see, including the bits about Kasich’s decency, Carson’s charming final statement and Huckabee’s hilarious conflation.

I disagree, of course, with Kasich on marriage equality.  Carson was getting at something substantive, philosophical, even, about race with the conceit about how he works on the part of the body (the brain, literally) that makes a person who they are, but that still misses the larger and, in 2015, unmissable point about systemic racism.  Huckabee’s sly Clinton jab was precisely that, and, if I do say so, a few beats better than the typical pulpit joke.

I didn’t find the Christie/Paul scuffle very riveting, but when you think about its implications, you understand that this is one of the hardest and most important tensions of our era.

Cruz, it turns out, sounds exactly like the Bobby Moynihan impressions.  It was very hard to take him seriously.

Rubio seemed sincere and earnest when talking about saving the American Dream.  He shared some of the personal narrative that shapes his lens, and he did it well.

Jeb Bush was solid, but has absolutely none of his brother’s charm.  That’s either a good or bad thing.

Walker had some strong answers.

Trump was Trump.  He is Trump.

Graham, by the way, from the JV debate, had some very interesting things to say about boots on the ground in Iraq and elsewhere.

A Foxy, Rowdy Republican Debate – The New York Times.