A Brief Theory of (De-cluttering) Everything

Getting rid of things that just don’t matter goes a long way toward making room for things that do.

Yesterday, I posted about the millions and millions of search results out there for minimalism.  Today, the WordPress Daily Prompt happens to be simplify. (More on that here:  Daily Prompt: Simplify).

I’ve never done the Daily Prompt, but today seemed like a good day to start.  Minimalism has been on my mind as I go about the business of updating various parts of my house.  No big renovations, just some minor improvements, all of which I can handle myself with absolutely no training (which is exactly the amount of training I have).

One of the most important things I’m doing is getting rid of stuff. If I don’t actually use it, need it, or like it, it’s going.  It’s amazing how many things we hang on to just because we feel like we should.  I don’t mean sentimental things, I mean things that somehow found their way into the accretion disk swirling around my life’s event horizon.

Last year, I started putting some of the minimalist philosophy into practice.  Black t-shirts and blue jeans became my daily decent-weather look.  It’s slimming, it always matches, and it’s one less thing to worry about.  I have one go-to thermal hoodie for when it gets cold, and a black corduroy sport-coat style jacket when necessary.  I’ve had my boots for a year-and-half and just changed the laces.  I’m good for another 3000 miles at least.

This has been very freeing, and so I’ve started applying it to the way I (try to) organize my house.

One of the tenets of Apple-Store style minimalism is that open space is beautiful.  As a writer, I was trained to fill in blanks.  Yesterday, I put a shelf bathroom to keep the counter empty.  It turns out, open space is beautiful.  I feel kind of like a Jedi.

The little trash can on a track beneath my kitchen sink?  I don’t use it.  Gone.  The wine glasses on the top shelf of the cabinet?  When am I ever having wine with that many people?  I’ll fill them each with M&Ms and donate to the church’s raffle.  Exactly how many Tupperware lids with no corresponding vessels does one home need?  You know what time it is.

Excising the stuff from my life means making more room for better uses of my time and money.  It honestly feels like the physical practice of downsizing is helping me think better, like the brainstorm mess of everything I could keep around is giving way to just a few important points.  A thesis, if you will.  I’m eating healthier, drinking more water, and exercising more.  Getting rid of things that just don’t matter goes a long way toward making room for things that do.



Thousands and Thousands of Reasons You Should Become a Minimalist

A bazillion reasons why less in more.

It’s all about downsizing.  Too much clutter means too much time cleaning, too much time spent deciding what to wear, too much too much too much.

Steve Jobs wore the same outfit everyday to free up brain space for other executive functions.  Decluttering your life can bring with it all kinds of mental, emotional, and other benefits.

Just in case need them, here a bazillion reasons why less in more.

Source: reasons to be a minimalist – Google Search

Cleveland Baseball Retiring Chief Wahoo

Interesting that they have to maintain a sales footprint on the image go keep the trademark current.


It’s well past time for the caricature to go.

The Yellow Oval is Back on Batman’s Costume

Notably absent these last few years, an iconic piece of Bat-imagery will be returning to the Caped Crusader’s ensemble.

Via Comic Book.com:


The yellow disc was added in the 60s as part of the “new-look” approach to Batman, made famous in the comics and even more so by the classic 1966 TV show.

As you know if you’re a Batman connoisseur, he used to sport purple gloves, too.  No word yet on reviving that look, although purple has been a key part of Batgirl’s palette since Yvonne Craig.

New Australian Flag Proposed

Most Americans’ knowledge of Australian politics and cultural norms start and end with Paul Hogan.  I’m basically no different.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Commonwealth of Nations, that group of countries that, though no longer formally part of the British empire as such, nonetheless continue to recognize the British monarch as their head of state.   Some nations feature the monarch on their money and/or other national emblems and flags.

Australia’s flag carries the Union Jack in its upper left field and has through almost every iteration.  For many, this is wholly appropriate reflection of Australian political history. For others, it’s an outdated pean to a colonialism: imperial design never reflects the stories of occupied peoples, nor does it project Australia as a modern, independent nation.  Empire loves to build dependency, so these are two-sides, really, of the same coin.

A group called Ausflag today unveiled a possible remedy (featured image).  It drops the Union Jack and preserves and enlarges the other classic elements.  As for timing, today is Australia Day, which celebrates the landing of the British in 1788.  It’s also worth noting that there are movements afoot to transform Australia from parliamentary constitutional monarchy to republic.


KFC is selling a chicken wing box that doubles as a drone

I’m not (?) ashamed to tell you that this post from Engadget made me hungry. Specifically for KFC wings. Which I have never had.


I bet they taste like the future.