Bullpen Carts Coming Back to MLB in 2018?

So MLB and the players’ union (headed by Telly Savalas last time I checked) are doing their ritual dance.  MLB wants to speed the game up.  One of the solutions from the players?

Bring this back:


Let’s check in with Don Zimmer to see how he feels about that.

I typically love everything about MLB in the 70s and 80s, but unless we’re talking about a Datsun, I really want no part of this.

As kitsch, it’s great.  As a thing, I hate it.

(I would also accept a Phillies El Camino emblazoned with Tug McGraw’s face.)

LeBron to Golden State Warriors?

LeBron and friends invented the modern superteam. Why not take it to it’s logical conclusion?

At first I was like, “just, no.” Then I was like “nah, actually that would be pretty cool.”

I was not a fan of the move to Miami, but now that everyone is doing this, I kind of think it would be a lot of fun to watch.



Cleveland Baseball Retiring Chief Wahoo

Interesting that they have to maintain a sales footprint on the image go keep the trademark current.


It’s well past time for the caricature to go.

New Study: NFL Concussions Up 73% In 2017 Preseason; 16% in Regular Season

I’m telling you, the damage done by concussions, most notably CTE, will be the end of it. Even with heightened awareness, concussions were higher this preseason (up 73%) and regular season (up 16%).

What’s the League doing to combat this problem?

The highest instance of concussions during the regular season were in Thursday night games.  Players have been increasingly vocal about abolishing these games, noting that playing on shorter rest makes the game less safe.  Those insights are no longer anecdotal.

Not a great time to be getting into the pro football business.