What DC Comics Heroes Looked Like When I Was Born

Circa 1980:

We may disagree about John Stewart, but thanks, Aquaman Shrine, for the share!


The Brave, the Bold, and the Bravado!

Congratulate the writers of “Batman: The Brave and The Bold” for being the team to finally come up with a believable, enjoyable, heroic characterization for Aquaman, and voice actor John Di Maggio for executing it perfectly.

Boo to all the haters that don’t get that this series isn’t supposed to be about Frank Miller’s Batman.  There are nods to many interpretations, but it’s a decidedly heroic take.  It’s also wry without dripping camp or irony.  If you appreciate a long view of DC’s characters (and if you don’t, what’s the point of even following DC?), you should like this show.  The deft handling of Aquaman is really just one example of the overall editorial ethos of the show: I usually don’t use the word “clever” as a compliment, but the interpretations of the in-show universe and the heroes that inhabit it show great ingenuity. And Aquaman is awesome.