Disney XD’s SPIDER-MAN Renewed For 2nd Season

Good news, Spider-Fans!


Of course, the best Spidey series is the one with Firestar and Iceman, but this is also good.

The Good Place Soul Mate Quiz

There’s a new “Find Your Good Place Soul Mate” quiz on the internet, and, try not to be jealous, nerds, but I got Eleanor.

As you already know, it’s a great show.  With a terrifying vision of the afterlife as a meritocracy.  It’s terrible theology in that sense, but plenty of very good theology in other ways.

And also, it has Jason.


Everything Coming to Netflix in February 2018 — Outright Geekery

What are you most looking forward to?  What will you miss?

The original series Altered Carbon leads the way but next month sees a ton of great stuff coming to the streaming service. The post Everything Coming to Netflix in February 2018 appeared first on Outright Geekery.

via Everything Coming to Netflix in February 2018 — Outright Geekery

Titles Leaving Netflix in February

All the questionable Batman entries in the lineage of Tim Burton’s original masterpiece.

TMNT 1990.

Jem and the Holograms seasons 1- 3.

What’s coming?

Freakin’ MASH.

Boomer much, Netflix? Booo.

Once you’re a Jem Girl, you’re never the same.


Here’s the big ole list.

TV Review – Agent Carter: Season 1 Episode 3 (Time and Tide)

The beginning scene of Time and Tide was like something ripped from the diary of a fellow Cedar Crest College sister. I spent four years surrounded by photographs of women, dressed much the same way as Agent Carter and company, walking around the campus of our beloved college. The act of sneaking a boy into into a dorm room at my women-only college was something that few dared to even try. Before the days of RAs, there were house mothers.  Only the most daring among woman had succeeded and become the stuff of legend.  But that was where the nostalgic charm of Time and Tide stopped, at least for me.
At about the halfway point of this episode I scribbled down, “The ship is going down?” I’m trying to convince myself that the tension between Peggy and Angie serves a greater purpose. But…this is Marvel…but there was the diner scene at the end of the episode…

The sass from the British characters in this show is off the charts. Jarvis knows far more than he is telling and I’m not sure if I trust him, but his snark is making me fall in love. When it was revealed that Jarvis had been charged with treason and dishonorably discharged, my heart shattered. I thought this was the end of Jarvis. Alas, Agent Carter saved the day (and angered cranky misogynistic men in the process!).

The heartbreak did not end with Jarvis; that would have meant leaving viewers hearts’ intact. Souza. I’m holding on to the hope that he is one of the good guys. The way he is treated by his male colleagues pisses me off. Case in point, Krzminski, “No girl is going to trade in a ride, white, and blue shield for an aluminum crutch.” While I ship Angie and Peggy, I wanted to slap Krzminski for that, even though I’m not surprised he said it. After all, we spent the first two episodes watching him try to compensate for something.

And speaking of Krzminsk…is it bad that I didn’t cry? I found myself signing, “…he had it comin’, he had it comin’ all along….” More importantly, who the hell was the woman who shot him and the suspect? Part of me wants it to be Peggy and part of me wants it to be Angie. Or even better… Dottie: That would be an epic plot twist.

Next week’s episode is The Blitzkrieg Button, sure to include more scapegoating of Howard Stark, police brutality, and hopefully a reconciliation of the ship and more action between the ship. Also, am I the only one wants to see Anna and Jarvis together?

Agent Carter airs Tuesday nights at 9 EST on ABC.

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Find Your Somate, Homer

Because of changes to the way Google encrypts search terms, blog-tenders like me see fewer and fewer of the actual phrases bringing readers to us in our analytics.  Sometimes, though, the curtain gets pulled back, and great search terms come through.  Today, I was treated to this:

Find your somate, Homer.

This was either a typo (“find your soulmate, Homer” are the immortal words of Johnny Cash, in his guise as Space Coyote, to Homer Simpson) or an earnest call for Homer Simpson to manifest in the physical world.