Admit two, please

I just got the galley proof for next month’s issue of AdmitTwo which will feature a hundred-word piece by me that I combined with a creative commons licensed picture from Flickr (with appropriate credit and permissions from the photographer.  It’s the Dylan story some of you have read.

Now that that’s ready, I’ll be getting in touch with those of you that wanted to work on some pieces for future submission to this unique venue.


Mad World: R.E.M.? No. Gary Jules? Yes. Tears For Fears? First.

Peter Buck (REM), Taken at the Lancashire Coun...
Peter Buck via Wikipedia

Hey there, blog subscribers.  This is one of those old posts I’m republishing from the archive.  Usually, I’ll do this if there’s something going on that reminds me of an old post or if I’m just in the mood to jump back into old conversations.  In this case, it’s both.

R.E.M. does not sing “Mad World.” Gary Jules does. And it’s a Tears for Fears cover?  Those first two sentences are for the good folks finding their way here by searching “REM Mad World.”  The third sentence is an admission: if it’s not “Shout” or that other song, I don’t know it.  “Everybody Wants to Rule The World.”  That’s a great one.

I was listening to WXPN tonight and they were streaming some indie band who said “we promised to learn a song by the beautiful Leonard Cohen for tonight. But then we didn’t.” Just last night a friend emailed me and said “I actually don’t listen to all that much Leonard Cohen (interpretation, I don’t listen to leonard cohen but I don’t want to sound uncool by saying so straight out.”)  Get on that, sister.


1) This post is from July, 2008. Everyone who wasn’t already a Leonard Cohen fan then now surely is.  I need to ask my friend about that.

2) A few days ago, I heard The Decemberists talking about their new record, The King Is Dead.  Colin Meloy was getting into the influences behind the ablum’s vibe and used the adjective REMy. I thought, well yes, “Down By The Water” is basically “The One I Love” with different words, more accordion, and Gillian Welch.  Then David Dye mentioned that Peter Buck played on three tracks and asked Colin Meloy what that was like. Meloy said that Buck was really cool about the influence and put the band at ease by saying he learned everything he knew from the Byrds.  Turns out, by the way, that “Down By The Water” isn’t just an REM sound-alike, it’s a self-conscious tribute.  It’s a great song on it’s own, but I can’t get “The One I Love” out of my head whenever I hear it.  That’s not a bad thing, though, and it enables a pretty sweet indie/80s alt mashup when the Decemberists do the inevitable support spot for R.E.M. or joint-awards-show performance.  Speaking of mashups, I’m still waiting for my Wilco/Belle & Sebastian performance of “This Is Just a Modern Rock Song/California Stars.”  Come on, fellas.  Don’t make me do it myself.  I have a novel to finish.

Just Like Brian Wilson

The prompt was “something big is about to happen but history will get it wrong.”   This is a 100-word story.  I found the image here and used ComicLife to edit it and set up the graphic.

A Winter Ascetic


My piece, “A Winter Ascetic,” is included in today’s update at Thieves Jargon. I’m in the company of Douglas I. Thompson, Thomas Boulan, Steve Finbow, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Andy Riverbed, Zachary C. Bush, Mark Baumer, Joel Van Noord, Lyn Lifshin, Nora C. Gruenberg, Rowan Carter, Timothy Gager, TygerLilly Ernst and Edward Cowan. Check it out.

Four Word Story

Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response, said to be his favorite work, was this:

“For sale: baby shoes. never worn.”

I’ll never stop being moved by that.

Most of my own efforts at writing something this brief and complete end up as mini-editorials about the greatness of Brian Wilson and the smaller comparative talent of John Lennon. Tonight, though, while I was thinking about Hemingway’s story and how thankful I am that my own infant son is happy and healthy, I came up with this:

“You can miss colic.”

I posted it on Scrine here as well.

Six Sentences

I came across Six Sentences via a link at One Sentence Stories a few days ago and have really been enjoying the site. Six Sentences publishes stories exactly six sentences in length and is a fantastic venue for flash fiction. I submitted an edited version of my short piece Rain Dance and I’m proud to say that editor Robert McEvily has accepted it for publication. My piece goes up on October 29; in the meantime, check out the other work at Six. What can you say in six sentences?