How Letterman Keeps Winning

Jay Leno may have delivered more viewers in the long run, but Letterman’s move to CBS 21 years ago created the late night ethos dominating NBC and cable even now.

Notes David Bauder:

“Like most comics of his generation, Meyers worships at the altar of David Letterman, but a more enduring influence is Conan O’Brien.” There’s no Meyers (or Conan, Fallon, Colebert, Stewart, or Ferguson) without David Letterman.

David Letterman on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

“I mean, he’s a wonderful man.  But that’s a full day.”

There is so much about this I find strangely sublime.

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Chris Cocca Is Wrong About Everything + Novels + Hess’s Department Store + Paul Ceglia and Facebook: Search Term/SEO Answer Bag #57

I’ll start this edition of the Search Term Answer Bag by admitting two things:

  • It’s not really, sequentially, #57.  That’s just its name.  Probably because I like ketchup.
  • I stole the whole idea from David Letterman’s old “CBS Mail Bag” routine.  “Letters, we get letters, we get lots and lots of letters! LETTERS!”

and a suspicion:

  • I am approximately one half of this blog’s audience who gets a kick out of this bit.  Good enough for me.

Now, on to the search terms!

First, my favorite:

chriscocca is wrong about everything?

Even here, I was only wrong half the time.

Classic.  There are a few other Chris Coccas out there in the world, so I won’t be big-headed enough to claim that this was a query about me as a matter of fact.  But for the sake of this post, we’ll go with it.

I appreciate that this was searched with a question mark and not a exclamation point or, even worse, a period. As far as an answer goes, I’m willing to say that I’m probably not wrong about every single thing, but we can’t really be sure.  I also think chriscoccaiswrongabouteverything would be a great name for a website not called The Daily Cocca, and it would be an excellent follow-up album to the still-on-hiatus uppityupalexvanderpoolera.

Searching for verbs and/or prepositions:

what to when you are almost finished a novel?

It’s unclear here whether the asker is almost finished reading or writing said novel. If reading, I’d say get ready to pick your next book. If writing, I’d say get ready to revise. That’s when the real writing happens.  If you’ve done that, and have met with good writers groups and gotten feedback you trust and then revised again and then again and are sure you manuscript is exactly what it should be, then I guess you start sending query letters to agents and try to start publishing excerpts.

A get a lot of hits from people looking for information about Hess’s Department Store.

Behind the South Mall in 2011. Image by Frank Tienstra.

And rightly so. It was an amazing place.  Today’s proper question:

when did hess’s dept store allentown pa remodel the front of the store

Sadly, I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m guessing it was before I was born (1980).  Can any Allentonians/Lehigh Vallians help me out here?  I’ve been getting a lot of hits from people looking for the famous rainbow-colored sugar from the Hess’s Patio Restaurant.  I know you used to be able to buy it at MusikFest, and I’m willing to bet you can find it on ebay if not at places like the Moravian Bookstore or the Lehigh County Heritage Center.  Sadly, I can’t be much help with those seeking strawberry pie recipes.  But I can share this post, with 30+ commentators sharing their favorite Hess’s memories. Really a special place. I can also share this bittersweet, recent image sent to me by Frank Tienstra. It’s one of the old Hess’s trucks still sitting behind the South Mall as of January.  Sad for anyone who knows what Hess’s was all about.

Lastly, a question about Facebook:

is facebook layout changing again for the summer 2011

I really don’t think so, but this could be one of the things I’m wrong about.  Mashable has some of the best coverage of social media developments: here’s the Facebook news aggregator-inator.   Soon, you may have better luck asking this guy:

Not Mark Zuckerberg

Never heard of Paul Ceglia?  He’s the chap that might (ooops) own half of Facebook.  So who knows?  Maybe Paul has a few design ideas stashed with all those old emails he keeps finding.  When I first heard about this case last year, I thought it was a long shot.  But the plot keeps thickening. When I try to imagine what might be the next big thing to come along and knock Facebook off the block, I have a pretty hard time.  But you know what?  It might just end up being Mark Zuckerberg.

The Floating Plastic Garbage Island

Did anyone else happen to see Captain Charles Moore on Letterman last night?  I first heard about the Pacific garbage field a few weeks ago but didn’t realize how recent a discovery it was.

Um, let’s all agree to stop using plastic yesterday.  Or, like Moore says, let’s agree to use it only for things we intend to have around for a good long time.  It’s pretty ironic that we use one of the most durable things we’ve ever created for disposable packaging, utensils, cameras, and other things that are specifically made to be thrown away.

Remember glass?  Good old inert, flavor-saving glass?  Those were the days.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know plastic has made the world better in many ways.  I’m not saying it hasn’t.  But plastic waste is another issue.  It needs serious attention.

This is a single-serving, disposable post, by the way.  I’ve been up all night working and am now about to fall happily to sleep for a few hours.  So no big long post about sustainability and everything.  Just wanted to say if you haven’t heard about the floating waste zone twice the size of Texas, read up on it.  And I also wanted to say good on you, David, for having Charles Moore.

That was Johnny Fever’s name in “Head of the Class,” wasn’t it?  He was also in Flight of The Navigator. And to all a good night!

That Letterman/Leno Commercial

I am still trying to wrap my head around the Late Show commercial.  That may have been Letterman’s crowning ironic, postmodern moment.  Digression:

Why would Leno do an ad for a show he’s going back up against?

– Because the “in joke” bullying makes him look sympathetic after Conan’s bs ouster.

Why would Letterman give him the platform?

– Because he’s actually saying “Look, see, look… what a hack!”  I think this is called “kidding on the square” in old comedy circles.  Obviously, Letterman would never do a commercial for Leno’s show.  This was one big glorious deconstruction.  I bet he keeps the gloves off.