Between fake news and data harvesting, Facebook has no way to win | New York Post

What do you think?  What do we actually lose if Facebook goes away? Do we lose anything? I’m starting to think not.

I deleted the app from my phone yesterday (but have not, yet deleted my account), and I already feel more present and mindful. If you’re of the opinion that “present” and “mindful” are trippy buzzwords, you still have to admit: we’re trading information from which Facebook makes billions for the “free” use of a service that most of us don’t really like.

Mark Zuckerberg is stuck in a catch-22. Any fix for Facebook’s previous big problem — fake news — would make the current big problem with data harvesting worse.As a media company and one of

Source: Between fake news and data harvesting, Facebook has no way to win | New York Post

Welcome to the Jungle: Facebook and Alphabet Slip, Amazon Posts Record Profits

We’re tired of social, but we still love search and shopping.

We noted last week that Facebook might be in some trouble.

Yesterday, some numbers came out that help fill in the picture.

Facebook’s earnings outpaced predictions, but shares fell yesterday anyway as investors worry that less time spent on the platform will continue to drive value down.  2017’s fourth quarter was Facebook’s worst ever in terms of new users.

Alphabet, the parent of Google, saw its stocks slip yesterday on missed earnings numbers, though its revenue is fine thanks to the continued strength of ad sales.

It was nothing but good news for Amazon, though, which just posted its largest profits ever.  The news about productivity-tracking wrist bands on workers in its warehouses don’t seem to bother investors, nor does the application of sorting-line management models to Whole Foods.

People are getting tired of Facebook.  It’s just a fact.  I don’t know how much of that has to do with fake news (its leadership thinks that’s a big part of it), but my hunch is that we’re tired of the stupid fights on one hand and the echo-chamber dynamic on the other.  For all of the good it certain can do for drawing attention to marginalized concerns, social media has also made us sick of each other.

We may give up on social.  We may cede less of our wealth and time to Google.  But we’ll never stop buying actual things, and Amazon will never stop selling them to us.  They will quantify every quantifiable thing in their pursuit of profit, including the people keep their company going.

One hundred and twelve years ago, Upton Sinclair called the newly industrialized world “the jungle.”  Soon, we may simply call it “Amazon.”


Are People Bailing on Facebook?

Less trust, fewer engagements, missed earnings, falling price:


Maybe Facebook is fallible after all. In the wake of controversy stemming from Russian government-funded provocateurs using its platform to spread fake election ads, Facebook has been making all kinds of noise aimed at assuring nervous regulators that it won’t be used to muck with this fall’s U.S. elections or to be a vector for … Continue reading “Facebook stock drops after huge earnings miss and reduced engagement”

Source: Facebook stock drops after huge earnings miss and reduced engagement

Pope Francis, Jesus, Redemption, Facebook, SNAP

How about those meta tags?

Last night I shared this piece to Facebook.  It shares some of Pope Francis remarks from yesterday about redemption through Christ being for all.   I summarized them by saying “do good, leave the rest to Jesus,” and then affirming this sort of hyper-public discourse.  (It’s the pope, after all…very few leaders have their words so quickly entered into the tapestry of public ideation.)

By 7:30 this morning, there were quite a few comments and good conversation.  There was a robust consideration of the degree to which this pope can be lauded for human rights advocacy given his views on homosexuality and gender.  There were also questions about being saved by faith and not through works, reminders about the historic difference between Catholic and Protestant doctrine and so on.  People also talked about the good we can do through this give and take.

I thought for a while and responded with the thread below:





These certainly aren’t all my thoughts on the matter. I’m joyful for a Christ who is bigger than I can imagine, never smaller.

Meta Sermons and Social Media

I’m very grateful for the opportunity I had to share the message at First Presbyterian Church yesterday at the 8:45 and 10:10 alternative services. Thank you!

I used social media to frame part of the message, saying that Pinterest had bucked conventional wisdom because it’s a platform where people share inspiring and uplifting things.  By offering a new kind of experience and an environment where generative things are shared and curated, Pinterest now drives more traffic to external sites than Twitter.

A bit of meta fun before I hit the hay:


Blessings, all, and peace.