Monopoly Is Releasing A New Edition For Cheaters

I’ve always been of the mindset that if you’re going to cheat, why bother to play.

That said, businesses with real-life monopolies usually get them by cheating, so I guess that makes the game more realistic.

Who knew Hasbro would sneak meta-commentary on economic inequality into the game where you literally go to jail for having bad luck?


For those who have always struggled with cheating Monopoly players, Hasbro has the perfect […]

Source: Monopoly Is Releasing A New Edition Which Encourages Cheating

Physical (Virtual) Proof of Moore’s Law At Work: Wolfenstein Graphics in 1992 and 2014

Zachary Lukasiewicz shared this tweet from Jeff Atwood, and supplied the Moore’s Law addendum.

Why I Think Disney Will Buy Rovio

I said yesterday that I believe Disney will buy Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, sometime this quarter.  Today, Mashable reports that Rovio is cutting 130 jobs, having staffed up for faster growth than has been realized in the past year.

Through its LucasFilm properties, Disney is already in business with Rovio in the licensing of Angry Birds: Star Wars.  Now that Microsoft owns Mojang, Disney should solidify Rovio and leverage the Angry Birds characters across its content platforms.