Lars Ulrich and Felix White on Oasis

Ulrich and White hit the same vibe, because Oasis hit, cultivated, and empowered a certain nerve.  Like I’ve said before, they sneered the abyss all the way back to hell.  They changed my life, too.

via Oasis: the band that changed our lives – by Lars Ulrich and Felix White | Music |

Those Were Sweet Sunglasses

Nice glasses, then, brother.

Looks like I’m not the only one digging on Desmond’s sunglasses. Quite a few search hits to this blog from people looking for those bad boys. I’m pretty sure Liam Gallagher has a few. His scarf was pretty sweet, too.

Maybe I’ll do a post about the monomyth and LOST.  Which of our friends on the island is the Hero With 1000 Faces?  Charlie and Mr. Eko were early examples, and like I said yesterday, Des is the moral compass of the show.

UPDATE: 2/21/11 – Speaking of Liam Gallagher and sunglasses, his new band, Beady Eye (Oasis minus Noel), releases their debut record this week.  I’ll review it on this blog soon.