Disney XD’s SPIDER-MAN Renewed For 2nd Season

Good news, Spider-Fans!


Of course, the best Spidey series is the one with Firestar and Iceman, but this is also good.

Jesus Chills With Spider-Man, Hulk, and Captain America; The Comic Book Where Batman Was a Priest


So many hits on this blog are because of things I’ve said about Jesus or things I’ve said about comic books.  Roll with it, right?

I saw this via George Takei via In Good Faith.  I love that George shared this and what he said about it.  Everybody wins.

It also reminded me of this, from one of the best Batman Elseworlds ever:


I’m fairly certain this book has informed a lot of what I do.

The Politics of Giving (as Illuminated by Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, and H&R Block)

Bruce Wayne, as depicted in the series.

You look at this infographic and you think “Wow, Spider-man pays more federal income tax than Bruce Wayne.  Doesn’t seem fair.”

And certainly, it’s not.

At the same time, look at Bruce’s charitable giving.  One could make the case that he is giving more to the kinds of causes that the government uses taxes for than Spidey ever will.  So here’s what we do:  take away charitable deductions for any cause that isn’t related to human services or infrastructure.  Problem solved. (Oh, and fix the capital gains tax so that it’s taxed like income.)