Why Can’t Jedi Fly?

flySo, I was thinking about the Marvel Universe last night and how cool it is that the Ultimate Marvel Universe version of Nick Fury is the canonical version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  That’s like the geekiest sentence I’ve ever written, and certainly the most multiversal.  Then I thought about how Sam Jackson is also Mace Windu, and how Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars and so on.  And then I thought about how Windu was dispatched in Revenge of the Sith, the Defenestration of Coruscant, so to speak.

And then I really started to wonder why Jedi can’t fly.  They can use The Force to jump tall buildings like pre-flight Superman.  Some have used it to levitate.  Yoda used it to jump all over the place in Attack of the Clones.   But why can’t a Jedi with sufficient training and control use The Force to fly? It may not have helped Windu in any case, given that he was probably knocked out.  But we could get all kinds of creative and assume that a highly developed subconscience would perceive the peril and wield The Force accordingly.  That may sound far-fetched, but we’re talking about fiction.  If the franchise wants to bring Windu back, they could enact some version of him surviving in this way with partial amnesia or as Mace “Ben” Windu somewhere west of Tatooine.

There are no shortage of fan theories:  flying would take too much concentration, for example. But where there’s a Journal of the Whills, there’s a way.

The Pen, Then the Sword: John Brownee Defends the New Lightsaber, Is Totally Right

Christopher Cocca

If you don’t read Fast Company, you’re missing a lot.  Look at the way senior writer John Brownlee deconstructs a few seconds of footage and comes up with basically everything we need to know about Star Wars VII’s new Sith.  Even if you don’t like Star Wars (click around Rad Infinitum for tons of Batman), anyone interested in story-telling should read this excellent piece. It’s about crafting far more than an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.


Why I Think Disney Will Buy Rovio

I said yesterday that I believe Disney will buy Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, sometime this quarter.  Today, Mashable reports that Rovio is cutting 130 jobs, having staffed up for faster growth than has been realized in the past year.

Through its LucasFilm properties, Disney is already in business with Rovio in the licensing of Angry Birds: Star Wars.  Now that Microsoft owns Mojang, Disney should solidify Rovio and leverage the Angry Birds characters across its content platforms.


Millennium Falcon, (My) Alma Mater

You may have already seen the story about the Pennsylvania high school that looks almost exactly like the Millennium Falcon from the air:

The Soup has more here.

Parkland High School, alma mater.

I graduated the year before this building opened, but as President of the Class of 1998, I got to be part of the groundbreaking ceremony in the fall of 1997.   What that means is this:  hanging in the foyer for all  to see is a picture of me, aged 17, in a smart khaki pants/blue blazer combo, holding a shiny ceremonial shovel, unable to pull the ceremonial hard hat over my Dawson’s Creek-era hair.   In fairness to my hair, my massive head is the real problem.  In Little League,  I had to use the batting helmets that, thanks to the hungry mice at the South Parkland Youth Association warehouse, lost their padding sometime in the 70s.

I’ve just been given credit for the design on twitter, so I’ll take it.  You should also know that I lobbied hard that we change the school’s mascot to Jedi, but I had to settle for renaming the track the Kessel Run.  Compromise, you know.

Valentine’s Day Cards For Your Bromance

See a need, fill a need. You’re welcome, everybody.



base photos creds:
Bobby V: David Esposito
Alice Cooper: Andrew Hawyard via Wylio
Greg Valentine: NWA_fan via flickr
Bat Signal: Silver Smith via Wylio
Darth: Andrew Rueda via Wylio